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Research and Development in Biotechnology Ltd

BIOCANT PARK Nucleo 04, Lt 03

3060-196 Cantanhede PORTUGAL

Phone: +351 91 9145219

Fax: +351 21 458 21 89
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SICGEN, taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies, is committed to developing itself to be the world's provider of polyclonal antibodies and antibody related products and services with the best quality and the most competitive-edge prices.
It is both a product and a service company and its primary line of business is the discovery and marketing of new antibodies for research and scientific purposes.
SICGEN has been producing custom polyclonal antibodies for major National and International Universities, Research Institutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology companies worldwide.

SICGEN antibodies is a biotechnology company specializing in development and production of polyclonal antibodies for research in life sciences.

Polyclonal antibodies have some advantages to monoclonal antibodies including multiple epitopes, faster production and more competitive. As both primary or secondary antibodies, they can be used in a variety of different techniques such as ELISA, FACS, IF, IHC, IP, WB, etc.

SICGEN, an Accredited Animal Facility, provides a full service from cDNA sourcing to affinity purified antibody production. Available antibody packages can include antigen design, antigen synthesis, antigen conjugation, immunization, ELISA test, purification, antibody labeling and characterization. Customized protocols are also available.

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