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4207 Argosy Ct.

Madison WI 53714

Phone: 1-800-875-0386


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ProteinMods is a US based manufacter of custom proteins, antibodies and biomolecules. We strive to provide high quality and reliable products for your lab.

ProteinMods is headed by Joe Beck, PhD. He is a versatile PhD. cell biologist with postdoctoral training in analytical chemistry and multiple years experience in drug development. Joe has a diverse background as evidenced by accomplishments in pharmacology, protein chemistry, neuroscience, surface chemistry, and nanotechnology.

His mission is to lead a company in the production of top quality proteins and antibodies for researchers across the country and internationally.

Joe also participates in many other ventures related to the biochemistry industry forging a path of research and has contributed as an author on many different publications.

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