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19336 Goddard Ranch Court, Unit 110

Morrison CO 80465

Phone: 303-660-3692


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ProNique Scientific Incorporated is a small biotech nestled in the Colorado Mountains off U.S. Route 285 about ten miles outside Denver.  ProNique specializes in the manufacture and distribution of highly purified human source proteins/enzymes, biologics, and tissues for in vitro research and diagnostic applications.  From the early detection of colon cancer to the pregnancy tests found at the drug store, clinical chemistry has become a foundation in modern medicine.  The materials ProNique supplies to companies around the world play a vital role in the development and manufacture of these revolutionary diagnostic tools which have forever changed the way clinicians evaluate and treat patients.

ProNique also offers contract manufacturing for custom orders, and is currently involved in the development of a cGMP process for a cutting edge veterinary biotherapeutic.  

Aside from manufacture and purification, ProNique provides chemical and biological analytical services, as well as consulting for scientific/technical projects, quality assurance/regulatory assistance, and general project management.

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