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Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 68

51429 Bergisch Gladbach GERMANY

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Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products and services that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy. Our innovative tools support research at every level, from basic research to translational research to clinical application. Used by scientists and clinicians around the world, our technologies cover techniques of sample preparation, cell isolation, cell sorting, flow cytometry, and cell culture.

Our 30 years of experience spans research areas including immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience, and cancer. Today, Miltenyi Biotec has 2,500 employees in 28 countries - all dedicated to helping researchers and clinicians make a greater impact on science and health.

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Reliable flow cytometry antibodies and bright fluorochrome conjugates
Our flow cytometry antibodies and kits are designed for convenience and flexibility. Choose from a wide range of MACS Antibodies suited for identification and enumeration of human, mouse, rat, or non-human primate cells by flow cytometry. We also offer a portfolio of kits optimized for different research applications such as cytokine detection or quantification. Check out our support reagent section to find compensation controls as well as the Tandem Signal Enhancer to improve your cell analysis.

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Recombinant antibodies for flow cytometry applications
Our REAfinity Antibodies are recombinant antibodies that provide superior lot-to-lot consistency and purity compared to mouse or rat hybridoma-derived, monoclonal antibodies. They have been recombinantly engineered to produce highly specific antibodies that require no FcR blocking step. Additionally, they all have the same IgG1 isotype, requiring less isotype controls.

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