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Linscott's Directory of Immunological & Biological Reagents


Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 8A

D-97267 Himmelstadt GERMANY

Phone: +49-9364-810 610

Fax: +49-9364-810 613



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Our Mission is to supply the Scientific Community with affordable high quality research antibodies and reagents. Towards this goal we are pursuing three major fields, since 1997:


  • Manufacturing of novel research antibodies (with a focus on signal transduction and the cytoskeleton). More than 50% of the still limited but constantly expanding product portfolio are unique research antibodies available from no other commercial source.
  • Commercialization of well characterized and established antibodies developed and licensed by our university partners. immunoGlobe® takes over packing, documentation, marketing, and distribution of the products. The company especially benefits also from the marketing activities of its world-wide distributors.

Particularly, we feel obliged to the welfare of our four-legged colleagues:

Therefore, special modes of animal housing and treatment have been developed. Rabbits are kept in groups in huge and well-structured mainly ground level enclosures. Not only for those who oppose the conventional immunization procedures and caging of rabbits, attractive chances for outsourcing of antibody projects are provided.

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