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2456 Alton Pkwy

Irvine CA 92606

Phone: 1-949-553-1900

Phone: 1-877-GeneTex(436-3839)

Fax: 1-949-309-2888
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Established in 1997 by a group of renowned scientists, GeneTex’s corporate mission remains clear :

“ We strive to serve and accelerate life science research by creating essential biomedical reagents where quality can be found in every vial ”

The conventional approach to commercial antibody production has improved remarkably since its inception well over 40 years ago. The development of reliable antibody reagents remains an essential goal in the quest to advance science and medicine. On the forefront of high-quality antibody manufacturing, GeneTex has solidified its position in the research community and the biotechnology industry.

Our commitment, to provide our customers with dependable reagents and to drive life science research, reflects the philosophy and approach we employ when we manufacture our products.

Through extensive study, development, and stringent testing, we have produced and validated a comprehensive collection of antibodies and research tools that researchers use every day to expand the limits of biomedical knowledge.

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