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Linscott's Directory of Immunological & Biological Reagents


4231 Balboa Ave.

San Diego CA 92117

Phone: +1 866-298-6077



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Cytologics was founded to address the challenges that researchers in the life science industry face in procuring human biologic material. Although immune cells and other biological products are essential for biomedical research, drug discovery and diagnostic development, there’s a shortage of suppliers that offer high-quality, fresh specimens. Cytologics solves this challenges by bringing together a team of industry experts, a best-in-class cell manufacturing laboratory and an expansive network of well-characterized donors.

When you order specimens from Cytologics, you can be confident that your cells will arrive on-time, have the correct cell count & custom specifications, and perform as expected. We test all of our specimens, both fresh and cryopreserved upon thawing, so we can evaluate the cells in the same conditions as you do.

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