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140 Chemin de l'Armee d'Afrique

13010 Marseille FRANCE

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Created in the early 90's BioCytex a French biotech company became part of the Stago group in 1994. BioCytex is specialized in the development of standardized flow cytometry kits in the field of Haemostasis.

Since the foundation of BioCytex in the close proximity of the University and Hospital Complex of La Timone / La Conception in Marseille (France), the need of standardisation in flow cytometry analysis still remains a topic of concern. Inter-laboratory reproducibility, day to day reproducibility and positivity and/or negativity threshold determination are a real need that can be addressed by the use of quantitative flow cytometry application kits. This is the expertise offered by BioCytex. After the success of our first generation of products with the QIFIKIT, we strove to improve and tune our quantitative flow cytometry technology and applied it to the analysis of platelets (PLATELET line), leukocytes and red blood cells (CELLQUANT / REDQUANT lines).
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