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Dublin 14 IRELAND

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Aalto Bio Reagents is an Irish multinational organisation, founded in May 1979, to meet the growing biological raw material needs of the in-vitro diagnostics industry globally. The company is spearheaded by Managing Director Philip Noone, ably supported by Audrey Bradley (B.Sc.) and Sarah McElroy (M.Sc.). 

The company supplies a broad range of biological raw materials to meet the needs of the in-vitro diagnostics manufacturing market. Product ranges include: 

- Fungal, protozoan, bacterial and viral antigens

- Monoclonal antibodies

- Polyclonal antibodies

- Disease state human plasma

- Purified native and recombinant human proteins


“Do-It-Yourself” ELISA Protocols for Detection of HIV-1 proteins
Aalto Bio Reagents provides a range of “do-it-yourself (DIY)” research assay protocols for detection of HIV-1 p24gag and HIV-1 gp120env. These DIY ELISA assays are being widely used by AIDS research laboratories in Europe, the United States, Australia, Africa and China for monitoring HIV-1 replication in a range of research applications. 

HIV-1 p24 gag

Three different DIY ELISA protocols are available with varying ranges of sensitivity for detection of HIV-1 p24gag. These assays use our affinity purified anti-HIV-1 p24gag, code D7320, as the capture element. Our biotinylated conjugate or alkaline phosphatase conjugate of MAb to HIV-1 p24gag, respective codes BC1071-BIOT and BC1071-AP, are used as label, together with appropriate detection systems.   

HIV-1 gp120 env

Demand for our affinity purified anti-HIV-1 gp120env, code D7324 continues to grow among AIDS research laboratories. We have available a DIY ELISA protocol for detection of HIV-1 gp120env incorporating code D7324 as the capture antibody. The captured gp120 protein is recognised at a separate site by a second antibody that is, in turn, detected using a third, enzyme labelled,anti-antibody. 
HIV reagents for research use
Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies
  • anti-HIV-1-p24, raised against HIV-1 (CBL-1) isolate, code BC 1071
  • anti-HIV-1-p24, alkaline phosphatase conjugate, code BC 1071-AP
  • anti-HIV-1-p24, biotinylated conjugate, code BC 1071-BIOT
Sheep Polyclonal Antibodies
  • anti-HIV-1-p24, affinity purified, code D7320
  • anti-HIV-1-gp120, affinity purified, code D7324
  • HIV-1-p24 recombinant antigen, code AG 6054
  • HIV-1-gp120 recombinant antigen, code BR 6106-b

Starter Packs
  • First time users can avail of 10% discount when purchasing DIY ELISA protocol reagents, codes SP001 - SP005
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